A Saturday Stomp & Chomp


 Hello readers and welcome to our blog! I am so excited to use this blog as an outlet to share our new and exciting experiences as the “new guys” in a great town. I am currently looking for a new job as a nurse practitioner and have a little more time than I’m used to to explore Atlanta during the week. My husband, Danny, works as a business consultant and typically travels Monday through Thursday.  We really try to maximize our weekend time together by finding new festivals, eating at new restaurants and getting to know new friends.


Saturday was a beautiful fall day, brisk and perfectly sunny.  When we lived in Boston, you could count these type of days on two hands and there was always the threat of a nor’easter and early snow!  I am loving this new climate. After my morning run around Piedmont Park, Danny and tackled a few of our “to-dos” around the apartment. Since our alma matter, Boston College, played Thursday night, we had the afternoon off from watching college football (well… BC football at least, still lots of exciting games on!)

I have been checking my scout mob phone app regularly to find new places to try in Atlanta.  This week, The “what to do this weekend” feature highlighted the annual Stomp & Chomp festival.  I was too late to sign up for the morning 5K race (which included unlimited chili as part of the swag bag), but Danny and I planned to drive over in the afternoon for some live bluegrass music, some chili and a beer. The festival was in the very quaint neighborhood surrounding Cabbagetown Park.


 Sweet Water brewery, a local favorite, was one of the sponsors and had beer trucks set up throughout the venue.


Danny chose an IPA and their most popular, 420 extra pale ale. I had the BLUE, a blueberry flavored beer. Blueberry beers are my favorite and a real treat this late in the season!


We enjoyed live music as we walked through the neighborhood and perused the local vendors and artists that had set up shop. Unfortunately, we were too late for the chili contest but it was very interesting to  see all of the flavors and varieties that had been served. Chili is such a versatile food. Most recently, we made a pumpkin chili recipe that Stephanie had shared.


Despite our late arrival to the chili cook off, there were plenty of good looking options in the food truck section.  We decided to pass on the treats and save our appetites for dinner out a new (to us!) restaurant with some of Danny’s coworkers that evening. More to come on food trucks and the Atlanta Food Truck Coalition!

This was a great way to spend a fall Saturday. Looking forward to enjoying the rest of a beautiful weekend and an extra hour of sleep!


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  1. fall is amazing down south! enjoy it before the atlanta summers come 🙂
    i live in east tn, and i LOVE sweetwater. sw blue is one of my favorite beers for sure. it’s available year-round, so i’m glad you enjoyed it!

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