Dive Right In


Sarah and I are sitting at Starbucks after an hour long walk through Piedmont Park.  The weather has been perfect this week in Atlanta!  We are drinking Earl Grey Soy Lattes.  Yummy!

Backing up a little bit…I have enjoyed working out since I was 16 years old.  I started with Jane Fonda and then progressed to doing Tae Bo with Billy Blanks in the basement.  Once I got to college and started going to the gym, I realized how much I had been missing.  A whole new world opened up right before my eyes.  I could not wait to try the weights and the group fitness classes.  I was ready to be pushed by a real person.  There is something to be said for having someone else tell you what to do when working out.  After college, my best friend and I (who is coming to visit this weekend from Oklahoma City) joined Life Time Fitness when we lived in Phoenix, and I found myself rearranging my schedule to get to certain classes.  My interest to become a Certified Personal Trainer was born.


Once I found out that we were moving to Atlanta from Kansas City, I knew that the summer was the perfect time to study for my personal training exam with NASM.  I studied every day for two months, and I loved every minute of it!  I was so nervous when I took the test, but I passed and felt great.  My next daunting task was to find a job in Atlanta.  I heard that it was tough to find a job as a personal trainer with no experience, but I held on to hope that someone would see my potential and give me a chance.

As it turns out, someone did see something in me and asked me to come on board.  My boss asked me to step in for a trainer who was about to go on maternity leave and work with one of her clients.  It was time to dive right in!  Today, I have one amazing client at Adrenaline Fitness.  All it takes is one, right?

I have really enjoyed putting workouts together that are challenging and fun!  Right now, I am writing out the workouts by hand.  Eventually, I won’t have to write anything down.  I see my client three times a week, so I split her workouts into a day of arms, legs, and total body.  She works hard every time she comes into the gym.  This is all still so new to me, but my nerves have calmed down.


Today we worked on total body.   The sessions are thirty minutes which is all you need to get a good workout in.  Here is the workout that I created for my client (adapted from Naomi at OneFitFoodie).

Warm up:

20 jumping jacks

30 seconds butt kickers

30 seconds high knees

Circuit 1- Repeat 2x

Rapid squats with an overhead press (15)

Mountain Cimbers (30 seconds)

V-up crunches (holding a stability ball) (15)

Circuit 2 – Repeat 2x

Squat with a chest pass to the wall using a medicine ball (15)

Burpees (15)

High plank shoulder taps (20)

Circuit 3 – Repeat 2x

High knees in place (30 seconds)

Tricep push-ups (10) <— These are tough!

Plank glute kickback (15 each side)

We ended with some balance work on the DynaDisc followed by 20 Russian Twists.  She was tired, sweaty, and felt good.  My goal was to keep her heart rate up, and she assured me that I was successful.  I can’t wait to work with her on Monday!

Do you have a personal trainer?

Would you rather have someone push you or workout by yourself?


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  2. Steph, this workout sounds awesome! I started training with Kate this week and she kicked my butt (my quads are so sore I can’t walk right now;) I would love for you to try out your skills on me too! Maybe you guys can make a hot mentor out of me!!

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