My Run, Revamped


run happy hat


 The weather this week is off to a beautiful start. I decided to take full advantage of this sunny morning with a quick run around my neighborhood. I am very excited for the extended outdoor running season and I hope that this new southern climate will boost my motivation to revamp my run.  While I don’t mind running in the cold (and actually prefer it to hot temps), I used to hit the treadmill as soon as the temps or the weather patterns became too variable. Unfortunately this could be very early when I lived in Boston. As you can imagine, that doesn’t do much for the motivation and many times I felt like this..


I always thought this commercial was funny, and the male actor is a friend from college

My more regular running schedule over the past few weeks comes after a several month break (or break-up if you will) with running.

In May, I ran the Run To Remember Boston Half Marathon and the conditions were awful. The hot and humid weather on race day combined my poor-training schedule (I was traveling a lot for pre-wedding activities and it was a cold & rainy Boston “spring”) left me way behind my goal time and totally burnt out! After the race, I swore of half marathons for good and definitely made my runs more sporadic and at one point, non existent. Running became a chore and I definitely wasn’t “running happy”.

I spent my time off taking long walks, on the elliptical machine or taking work out classes. I must say, though, that this marathon season has made me ancy, and I’m excited to get back in the swing! I plan to start off with lower mileage and focus on increasing speed. Considering this for my motivation (and half marathon redemption!)

This week, I commit to revamping my run and bringing the happy back (see hat above).  Some of my new tricks for the trail include the RunKeeper app I downloaded to my phone to track pace and distance and the Pandora app to keep the music interesting. I plan to use these programs for a while, unless I score one of these from Santa …


Plus,  you can’t beat these views! This is where I get to run Smile I included a few hills today which are my least favorite thing (not used to them from growing up in Chicago). This provided a mental and physical challenge.  My goal is to, one day soon, run all of the hills on my route without breaking for a walk.


Workout Stats: I am still working out the kinks of running with a tracking program. This morning I paused the tracker to take a picture and  kept the program off  for about .3 miles or so. I also forgot to shut it off when I arrived back home and waited for the elevator. Thus, the stats on the screen are  a little skewed but I made some estimates of what I did today based on my tech mishaps and how long I was gone for.

Mileage- 3.3-3.4

Time-31 minutes

Pace- around 9.30

Pandora Station- LMAFO “Party Rock Anthem”

After my run, I refueled with a smoothie. The combination was a recommendation from Stephanie. It tasted like chocolate milk! I must admit, the green color was a surprise (not sure what I expected though since it does have a handful of spinach in it!)


1 banana (hint- frozen banana gives it a thicker texture)1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 large handful of spinach (I was skeptical..but I didn’t even taste it!)

4-6 ice cubes

blend & enjoy!

What is your motivation to get movin’?

What type of music keeps you going?


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