I think I’ll go to Boston…


Danny and I are off to Boston this evening to meet up with his family and celebrate a very special event. It is the first time that we will be traveling back to the “hub” since we moved this summer and I must admit, I am a little emotional about it. Boston is a very special place for us and we have lots of wonderful memories there. Visiting as “tourists” will be a new experience but we are so excited to meet up with Danny’s family and our great Boston based friends.

We will also be visiting our alma mater for a football game and tailgate. We have been cheering on BC together for 6 seasons. While the team may be struggling a bit this year, it is always great to visit campus for a home game.


Since we are heading out this evening, I am able to use today to finish up my errands, go to the gym and finish my packing.

Danny travels for work on a regular basis and has become an extremely efficient packer. My skills have taken a little while to fine-tune but I’m definitely improved!  My strategy is to pick basic pieces that can be mixed & matched for a few different looks.


Jeans and a white shirt are a must. I’m also bringing one pair of brown boots and my favorite travel shoe, my TOMS, which will both go with any outfit I pick and the TOMS are great at the security line. Also, it is Boston we are talking about… so I went in search of mittens and a scarf.  Its always a challenge to travel to a different climate and bring all of the extra gear that comes along with the change in temps. I’m leaving my puffy winter coat at home. Let’s hope I don’t regret that decision at the game!


I am also packing some entertainment (my Kindle and my new hobby, knitting **spoiler alert, these may be Christmas presents**) and snacks for the plane. We don’t land until 8:30 and in my opinion, the only thing worse than being hungry on the plane is paying 15$ for a snack box on the plane. I made some “trail mix” with popcorn, dried apricots, raisins, chocolate chips and almonds. I’m also packing an apple and some protein bars. I like to keep protein bars in my purse when I am out of town because you never know when/where you are going to eat.


Well, we are off! Enjoy the weekend Smile

What is your favorite way to travel?

What can’t you leave home without?


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  1. Great post! I’m a newly wed too, so looking forward to reading about your newly wed adventures. My favourite way to travel is by train in Europe! But when in Australia, I love to travel by plane. I can’t leave home without my hair straightener 🙂

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