Cocoa Nibs


Hello Chocolate Lovers!

Friday is my favorite night of the week because it is date night!  Last night, we were both craving sushi, so we went to Gengki in Virginia Highlands.  Their seaweed salad is out of this world! 

We stepped out of the restaurant and a sweet yet bitter smell of dark chocolate filled the air.  I don’t know about you, but I love dark chocolate!  The darker the better.  The smell was coming from Cacao Atlanta (next door).  The aromas lured us in.  We were sweetly greeted by a woman dressed in all white who was making fudge behind the counter.   Cacao Atlanta is a coffee boutique that is quaint, the staff is knowledgeable, and the chocolate is to die for!  I felt like I was back in Paris (sigh)!  I have a feeling that Virginia Highlands has many hidden gems.

Cacao 6

Tyler wanted some coffee which was good because I wanted to look around more.  The coffee he ordered was made with a Clover coffee maker which is a process where the barista can customize the way the coffee tastes by playing around with the temperature and brewing time.  It took 5 minutes.  I took a sip, and it was worth the wait.  Tyler said he could drink a cup every day!

Cacoa 2

While we were waiting, the manager quickly pointed out the “Love Bar” which is made from cocoa beans and raw cane sugar.  Each bar contains only 130 calories and 14 grams of fiber!  For an antioxidant punch (my ears perked up), she suggested we look at the Trinitario Cocoa Nibs.  I had tried some a few weeks back and thought they were delightful.  I had to buy a bag.  I plan on adding these to my oatmeal, yogurt, or morning smoothie.  The manager said that some people like to eat a spoonful before a tough workout such as Crossfit.  Sounds interesting…

              Cacao 4          Cacoa 3

The founder of Cacao Atlanta is Kristen Hard’s.  She is the first bean to bar chocolate maker in the Southwest, and the first bean to bar producer in the U.S.  She has a factory store in Inman Park and another storefront in Buckhead.  If you live in Atlanta, you have to take a look.  You will not be disappointed!

Cacao 7

They are true artisan chocolate makers who make sure that you have a conscious chocolate experience.   

            Cacoa         Cacao 8

I am off to pick up Jessica from the airport!  I can’t wait to show her our new city on this beautiful day.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?  Why?



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  1. I think I can even smell the chocolate now! It does look like a very quaint shop, I am anxious to visit it soon!

    Thank you for sharing your sweet find! Janis

  2. I love this shop – I actually also wrote an article for the Examiner on it. LOVE the chocolate…we should walk around Inman Park one day and stop in there for a treat. Didn’t know we had the love for so many things in common. xoxo

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