New Inspirations


Good Afternoon “ya’ll”. It is a balmy but overcast Tuesday in Atlanta and Stephanie and I are meeting for our weekly strategy session (let’s face it, it’s just an excuse we use to hang out). Guess where we met today?


It is amazing how the weather can affect your mood. This weather combined with coming down from our big and busy weekends has left us both a little foggy. While we may not be trying anything new in Atlanta today, we have been chatting about new things that have inspired us. Thus, the New Inspirations feature was born. We aim to make this a weekly feature and look forward to hearing what new things inspire you.

~ Sarah & Stephanie

The Recipe Reel

Stephanie found this wild rice and beans recipe on Appetite for Health and we both plan to make it this week. It looks like a great mid-week meal packed with protein and fiber. The walnuts and cranberries gives a fall twist to a classic (and cost-effective) dish!

Wild Rice and Beans

Craft Corner

Homemade Holiday Gifts- It is never too early to start planning for the season. Danny and I are trying to spread lots of cheer on a newlywed budget so I’ve been researching lots of fun, homemade and personal Christmas gifts to share with friends and family. Megan at Not Martha has some great ideas. Her cozy mug wraps and cocoa kits were featured on the Real Simple list of 14 Creative Homemade Gift Ideas list.


Style & Such

Athleta’s recent feature on the GIFTED ATHLETE includes a top 10 wish list of gear for HER favorite sports. Stephanie is adding much of the Yoga section to her wish list…hint hint Smile

Atheta Photo

Recent Reads

I read LIFT by Kelly Corrigan on my flight to Boston last week. I love her candid and heartfelt reflections and finished the book in 45 minutes. It is a beautiful reflection on parenthood and gave me such a deeper appreciation for the gifts my wonderful parents have given me. In my opinion, both of her books are a must read!

Lift book cover

House & Home

There is nothing better on a cool day than a warm frothy pillow of milky goodness (can you tell, we are hooked?) to compliment our favorite flavors of tea. Hence, our weekly ritual of lattes and laptops at the local Starbucks. We are lusting over this:

Foamer 2

but will more likely purchase this:

foamer 1

to create our lattes at home and save a little.

Have a great Tuesday!

What inspired you today?


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