Round and Round


Good Morning!

I am not feeling quite myself today because my weekend was anything but normal.  I am in a bit of a fog which is fitting for this foggy day in Atlanta. 

It was meditation weekend at my teacher training.  I know what you are thinking…how can you meditate for two days?  I asked myself the same question.  I am programmed to be doing something all day long even it is just watching T.V.  Guess what?  It is possible to slow down the mind and body especially when you have a great leader (Graham Fowler), positive mentors, supportive yoga friends, and a wonderful husband was willing to drive me to and from the yoga studio because of my fog.  The whole weekend was dedicated to purifying the mind and body through a process called rounding.  Rounding is similar to Yoga Nidra.  Essentially, rounding is when you engage in a restorative yoga practice followed by a short savasana, pranayama breathing, meditation, and then savasana.  Then, you do it all over again!  You go round and round.  We did take breaks, but it was intense.

I definitely feel different.  I am in Starbucks right now and I am very aware of the sounds around me because we really “unplugged” from everything for two straight days.  Graham knows what he is doing because he planned this meditation weekend before the holidays.  Tyler and I are going to Chicago for Thanksgiving, and normally I would be freaking out about travelling during such a busy time.  Surprisingly, I am not anxious at all.  We will get there. 

I am hopeful that this feeling stays with me for a while.  A few things did come up for me meaning tough emotions, but today I feel better than I did over the weekend.  My mind and body were purifying themselves without any help from me.  Some people felt blissful.  I did not have that experience, but maybe I will the next time that I round Smile.

On Saturday, one of the girls made lunch for all of us (about 50 people).  She made khichidi rice with mung bean, rita which is yogurt and cucumber, aloo or potato soup, and a flat bread called roti (my favorite).  It was delicious!


Khichadi is a food recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners to produce more Sattva or freedom from the weightiness of our troubles.  Sounds good to me!  A lot of this is new to me, but I am fascinated by all of it. 

peachtree 2

We had a few hours for lunch each day which was nice.  It is important to meditate on an empty stomach.  Believe me, it is not a pleasant experience to meditate with a full tummy.

I do not want to say too much about my experience with rounding, but I still wanted to share this very new experience with you.  If you are interested in rounding at some point, I HIGHLY recommend that you do it under the guidance of someone who is knowledgeable and has led a meditation weekend before.  It is also helpful to do it in a group.  I love my girls!  Without them, the weekend would have been very different.

Here are a few pictures of what the room looked like with all of our stuff!  We were encouraged to bring our own blankets, pillows, props, etc.  We were certainly very cozy!

                    med 2                             meditation

I am off to Piedmont Park to meet a friend for an easy walk.  I am not up for anything too intense just yet. 

Remember to slow down this week and enjoy spending time with your family!

Is meditation a part of your yoga practice?

If you have never tried rounding, does it sound interesting to you?



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  1. 🙂 love it!! thanks for sharing your beautiful energy with the group this weekend. the effects should last for months…enjoy your holiday time and be safe. xoxo

  2. I hope your feeling lasts, too!!! I’m still in the processing stage and having a lot of stuff come up (so I’ve been staying in) and driving is not advised!

    I loved being in your presence this weekend! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

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