Thanksgiving Stay-cation


Happy Cyber Monday! In honor of the occasion (and in light of the dreary day) I have opted to spend a great majority of my day in our guest room my office working on the computer. Lots to buy do today.

Although Danny and I stayed in Atlanta for the holiday week, we were busy with family activities and did not return home to our apartment until late Saturday night. Considering that we avoided the airport, tried lots of new activities and had got to sleep in for a few mornings, I would say this was stay-cation success!

When you are new in town (especially in a city like Atlanta) there is no shortage of sites to see. Up to now, I had not made the time to visit the “tourist” attractions so it was great to have some out of town guests around as an excuse to explore.

Some of the highlights included:

The Georgia Aquarium: The aquarium is the largest in the world and by far the best that I had ever visited. My favorite exhibits were Ocean Voyager (pictured below) and the Beluga whales (a favorite of mine from Chicago’s Shed aquarium). The Ocean Voyager tank included a walk through tunnel which gave us a great vantage point, especially for the four whale sharks inhabiting the tank. They were massive and definitely a site to see!



Danny and I recently completed our SCUBA diver certification and have considered registering to dive in the aquarium’s tank. For now, I think I’ll keep a safe distance from this guy…


The World of Coca-Cola: I’ve never been much of a soda (or since I’m from Chicago I should say “pop”) drinker but I really enjoyed our visit to the World of Coke. Headquartered and invented in Atlanta, Coke a major fixture of American culture.  The tour was complete with a sampling room featuring Coke products from around the world. Parents beware, I saw one too many sugar shocked children running around. I can’t wait to take my sister Katie (a huge coke fan) when she visits in February.


I learned that 70% of Coke products are consumed outside the United States. These bottles were fixtures created by visiting countries for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.


Georgia vs. Georgia Tech: I’ve been a College football fan for some time and have attended my fair share of games, but let me tell you, the South knows how to do football. We were lucky enough to get tickets to a great ACC vs. SEC rivalry matchup and enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather. Can’t beat watching a game in late November without my North Face puffy coat and about 5 layers of clothing!


I hope you all make the time to become “tourists” in your own town and plan a stay-cation. It is a great way to break away from your daily routine without breaking the bank.


Ok..back to shopping working…


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  1. Yes! I made the blog!
    Absolutely love following you two…keep it up!

    …The aquarium looks awesome! Haven’t been to the Shed Aquarium in years, not to mention the Lincoln Park Zoo, but you’ve made me want to have a mini stay-cation in Chicago. What a great idea AND cost effective i.e. no airfare!!

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