‘Tis the Season



Tis’ the season, my favorite season and a busy season indeed. On this, the eve of DECEMBER and the day I have decided to ‘deck our halls’, I encourage you all to keep the spirit of the holidays on your mind and close to your heart.

I’ve been there too…the traffic, the budget crunch, the locked-up social calendar, the year-end projects at work and yes (I grew up in Chicago and lived in Boston for 7 years) the weather…enough to summon up the Scrooge in anyone.  When I find myself reaching the breaking point, I do my best to reframe the situation and give thanks that…

  • There was traffic, but I got there safely
  • The events that keep me busy are great opportunities to celebrate with my family and friends
  • That I have somewhere warm to sleep on those cold and snowy nights

Perhaps this season you will discover a new way to share your joy with friends and neighbors. It is often the most simple gestures of kindness that have lasting impact.

Let us know how you plan to spread the cheer this month. We’d love to hear about it!


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