Where Have I Been?


Where have I been?  Apparently, I have not been going to Chipotle to know that they are serving BROWN RICE now.  I was so excited that I took a picture!


After Chipotle, we ran to Trader Joe’s and found these two items (we will be enjoying one tonight while we curl up on the couch).  We could not resist.


 Sarah and I had a great time today.  We went to yoga which gave Sarah some energy to help me with my crafty Christmas gift.  We also went to a very yummy place for lunch in Decatur called Farm Burger.  I got the veggie quinoa burger, and Sarah got a regular ‘ol burger.  We would definitely go back perhaps with our husbands next time. 

The sun was shining, and it felt like spring so we went to DQ for some mini blizzards.  Sarah got an Oreo blizzard, and I got the Candy Cane Chill (notice the new peppermint theme).  Ice cream twice in one day.  This is a very rare occurrence, but I did get a mini blizzard.  You only live once, right?!  Next, we went to Michael’s followed by Home Depot.  I can’t say much more until the gift is sent and opened, but I think it turned out well.  I just might be crafty after all.  I could not have done any of it without Sarah!  Thank you for guiding me through the creation of my very first craft that included Mod Podge.  Never did I ever think that I would own Mod Podge. 

Time for ice cream and a movie!

Are you crafty?

Do you own Mod Podge?


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