Highland Bakery: Two Thumbs Up


After teaching an awesome yoga class this morning, I had a dark chocolate (mint) espresso granola bar.  I also wanted something warm and cozy to drink because of the rainy weather.

I had a great conversation yesterday with my yoga mentor about places to eat on or around Highland Avenue, and I asked her what she thought about Highland Bakery because I had a 20% of coupon.  She only had positive things to say about the bakery. 

I was feeling so good after my class and knew that the soup would not take too long to cook once I chopped and diced everything.  Therefore, my car just sort of steered itself down Highland Avenue to Old Fourth Ward.  Tyler and I have never ventured past our normal stomping grounds.  It is such a cute and quaint area.  I can’t wait to share it with Tyler. 

Here are some pictures of Highland Bakery…Enjoy!

HB outside

Restaurant and Bakery

               HB room         HB desserts

Quaint and funky spots like Highland Bakery make me happy!

HB coffee shop

Decaf Nonfat Misto

HB Coffee

Look at that foam!

That’s all I have for now.  Maybe this post will inspire you to try a new bakery in your area!

Do you prefer Starbucks or quaint bakery/coffee shops?


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