Happy Feet


Sometimes you gotta’ live a little. On Buford Highway you can live a lot (for a little). As I’ve mentioned before this area is has everything. You can find restaurants, groceries and foot massage parlors (yes I said it) from locales around the world.


Danny and Peter had just returned to Atlanta after a major client meeting in the afternoon. I was excited when they asked me to pick them up at Peter’s hotel so that I could join in their celebration of work well done. I was even more excited when I got this text message from Danny.


Yep, that’s right it says he was sitting next to Vince Vaughn and soon I was too. On the instruction of the manager we did no more than gaze from the neighboring table. I so wanted to strike up the “Hey Vince you’re from Chicago, I’m from Chicago..let’s be friends ” convo  but alas. Maybe next time

We carried on to Buford Highway to one of Peter’s favorite spots when he lived in Atlanta—Treat Your Feet massage parlor. For a whopping 30 dollars we all were able to kick back, relax, talk and drink tea (oh and get a 60 minute foot and leg massage). Peter said that when he lived in China, he and his friends would get daily foot massages after a game of basketball. The facility was clean, the staff was very friendly and with that price tag, I think I may be back once I am on my feet for 12 hour shifts again.

It was definitely an out of the ordinary, but very welcome way, to spend a Wednesday evening.

This afternoon I will be heading over to Stephanie’s for a luncheon. As she mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am in charge of the dessert. I try to keep my grocery store trips at a minimum so that I can stay within our weekly budget (it’s amazing how those delicious little extras find their way into your cart) and was determined to make a treat with ingredients I had on hand.

I usually use the internet or search my cookbooks to find new recipes to try but today I was feeling something classic…something very classic…

My grandma Betty’s apple cake. I haven’t had this in years and have never made it before so I guess it is new to me. The recipe is even written in her own handwriting from 50+ years ago.


My aunt gave me a collection of original handwritten recipes from my grandparents as a wedding shower gift….love!

Unfortunately, this recipe won’t be shared but I’ll be sure to include some reviews after lunch today.



Yum…can’t wait!

What is your favorite way to kick back and relax?

Does your family have “secret” recipes?


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  1. I definitely have to plan a trip to Atlanta, that foot massage sounds absolutely fantastic.

    I have fond memories of that cake, enjoy the luncheon it sounds like a wonderful afternoon.


  2. Where do I begin…..

    My favorite way to kick back and relax is a little thing I like to call “Katie Nights.” It’s actually quite easy and sometimes so much more enjoyable to me than a night out. The ingredients are as follow (in order of importance of course).

    #1 = Sweats or the most comfortable clothes you can find. My mentality? Sweats make everything better and are commonly my solution to any problem. (Sarah you can back me up on this one)

    #2 = Great food. I prefer Chinese, but a good pizza always does the trick.

    #3 = A good movie or a DVR full of unwatched episodes. Heck, even a TV of tape! Some of my top favorites this time of year?? Gilmore Girls (Christmas episodes), The Holiday, Love Actually (Think that may be happening this weekend), and finally anything within the pride and prejudice era, even pride and prejudice itself. A few other top choices are a little embarrassing to talk about. I have a thing for cheesy/bad movies. (Again Sarah can vouch for me). For example, I’ve been watching at least 1 or 2 Hallmark or Lifetime channel movies a night since Thanksgiving.

    #4 = To use Sarah’s words “A Cold Treat” or something that just adds that “sweet” (get it?) finish to the night.

    So…to all of you followers, try something NEW and have a Katie night…even if your name isn’t Katie

  3. Sarah,
    I loved this post, the family recipe really caught my eye. They do bring back good memories… Have Stephanie show you the book, Tyler’s sister Molly put together last year for my Christmas present and for a bridal shower gift to Stephanie. The coffee cake recipe Stephanie shared from her Mother is the best ever, another recipe brought forward to a new Bride…

    Warmest regards, Janis

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