Cookie Monster


Tis’ the season for lots of good eats and sweet treats. I have a particular weakness fondness for the sweet treats bit and I’ve been known to bare a striking resemblance to this guy…



I LOVE Christmas cookies of all shapes, sizes and flavors and am especially looking forward to a holiday cookie swap and decorating party hosted by one of Stephanie’s friends on Saturday. I also will be baking as gifts for some of the staff members in our building.

Since there are SO MANY delicious looking cookies out there, I took to my new (to me) pintrest board to get some inspiration. I am tossing around the idea of making some Italian Christmas cookies and will be calling my mom and my aunt for some recipes. Also in the running.



yes please…

For the moment, I am (trying) keeping things healthy and started out my day with one of these…


and a trip to the gym.

I will be heading to the grocery store later today and will be report back later in the week with my final cookie decisions and the recipes for my sweet successes…

What is your favorite holiday cookie recipe?


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  1. all of those look crazy good! my favorite holiday item is chocolate “bark” – not really holiday item, but you can spice it up. it’s so good it’s like crack. layer saltine crackers on the bottom of a cookie sheet, make a quick caramel and pour over…bake in the oven for about 15 mins and then add on dark chocolate chips – spread to melt and add any toppings you like (for holidays…nuts, peppermint candies, etc.) YUM

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