Have Yourself a Merry Weekend!


Last night, Tyler and I went to one of our favorite standbys…Gengki Sushi & Noodle.  I was having a hankering for a seaweed salad and a light meal sounded good to both of us. 

seaweed salad

I was also craving a Rainbow Roll because it has all of my favorite fish including salmon, tuna, and yellowtail on top of a California Roll.  I special ordered mine to be made with brown rice.  The plating was exquisite, and each bite was a little taste of heaven!

rainbow roll

Tyler ordered a roll called Super Crunch (avocado, cream cheese, salmon, and tempura flakes for the crunch factor) and a seaweed salad as well.  I would love to learn how to make a good seaweed salad.  Suggestions???


Sarah is having a blast with her family, and we are about to see Tyler’s family.  I am going to sign off for the weekend but wanted to wish you all a very merry weekend Smile!  Enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

I am headed to one last yoga class to get centered as Tyler always says before I head out the door.  Let the festivities begin! 


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  1. yay! have a great time with the fam. i had brown rice sushi last night too. was craving after my monster workout with miss kate! should suffice for all the sweets and wine i will ingest this weekend:) love you, merry xmas!

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