Make It Count


My new schedule at work is in full swing and I am happy to report that (so far) all is going well.  The 5:30 am wakeup call may not be my favorite part of the day but I’ve always been more of the get up and go type…



A far cry from my night owl husband who can really burn the midnight oil. We only have a handful of hours each night that our schedules overlap. In an effort to make the most of that time, I’ve penned a few new goals and strategies that we are working on implementing.

slow cooked food and LOTS of it

As I mentioned last week, I’ve rekindled my love affair with kitchen electronics. Especially ones that will cook my meals super quickly (pressure cooker) or allow me to set and forget (good ole’ crock pot). This weeks recipe roundup includes 3 such dishes.

We’ve already made the salsa chicken (sorry no pictures!) and have repurposed our left overs into quesadillas (for him) and taco salad (for her). If any prep is required, it can be done the night before. The salsa chicken recipe took a whopping 90 seconds to prep (I used frozen chicken breasts) and cooked all day.

Here is a fun trick I found  to make your taco salads restaurant quality…


high intensity workouts, minimal intensity time commitment

I emailed Stephanie Newly Everything’s resident CPT yesterday at the end of my workday for some workout advice. The thought of jumping on a treadmill was simply not in the cards after being on my feet all day. I wanted to try something fast-paced and high energy without logging in too many hours at the gym.

What I got…

Warm up: Incline speed walk on the treadmill. Incline: 5% speed: 3.8

Strength Workout

Push ups: 15 reps (drop to knees if need be)
DB Upright Row–>Triceps Kickback :12 reps, 5-8 lbs.
Stability Ball Hamstring Roll in: 15 reps
Stability Ball Bridge: 15 reps
Stability Ball Crunch, Holding Medicine Ball: 20 reps
Standing 1 leg Bicep Curl: 12 reps (each arm), 8-12 lbs.
Mountain Climbers: 30 sec
DB Chest Flys on Stability Ball: 12 reps: 5-10 lbs.
Stability Ball Plank: 30 sec-1 min
Alternating Backwards Lunges with a Front Kick: 12 each leg
Reverse Crunch: 25 reps
Triceps Push Up: 12 reps
Jump Rope: 1 minute
DB Circles: 12 reps, 5 lbs.
10 Jump squats (hands behind head)

Finish: 1 mile run on the treadmill

It was perfect, thanks Steph! I worked hard and felt challenged but was back up in the apartment and showered before my hour was up.

power down. do something you both enjoy

Our media devices (cell phones, ipad and laptops) are always sitting on or around the coffee table if they aren’t already in use. Last night, we made it a point to put them all away and just enjoy our time “disconnected”. We are currently working through season 1 of The Good Wife and are hoping to finish before my sister visits in February and brings along season 2.


take advantage of your free time

One of the major pluses of my new schedule is that I only work in the morning on Tuesday. Thus, Tuesday is officially my GSD. Danny is a management consultant and apparently uses lots of TLA (three letter acronyms). GSD is one of the ones I have picked up and use somewhat regularly. It’s a bit salty for blog speak but I’ll give you a hint… Getting S*#t Done. This includes, and is not limited to…

    • cleaning the condo
    • prepping dinners for the rest of the week
    • trying a new yoga or fitness class
    • oil change/tire rotation/emissions check for the car (bing, that was my day today)
    • dr.’s appointments

pretty much anything that needs to be done and will free up my Saturdays so that I can do a little more of this…



Enjoy your week! Hopefully you are able to GSD 🙂


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