You Are What You Eat



Yesterday started early.  I trained both of my clients, spent an hour at Starbucks reading blogs, and then I went to Suspension Training which kicked my you know what!  Right after my workout, I stretched and used the foam roller for about ten minutes.  Naomi at One Fit Foodie just put out a great foam roll video tutorial.  Once I got home, I drank low-fat chocolate milk for muscle repair, and I feel great today (only a little sore).  There must be something to this whole drinking low-fat chocolate milk after a resistance workout.  Hmm…

I met a new friend yesterday at a new restaurant in the Brookwood neighborhood near Buckhead.  Jessica and I both started teaching hot yoga at Adrenaline at the same time.  She teaches the class before mine on Wednesday night, so we cross paths often.  For the past three weeks, I have needed a sub for various reasons, and she stepped up to plate every time to help me out.  I owe her big time!  Anyway, through emails, we realized that we have more in common than yoga including our passion for health and wellness.  Also, like me and Sarah, she moved to Atlanta in September from New York with her new husband.   We decided to have lunch to get to know one another better.

Jessica suggested that we go to R. Thomas Deluxe Grill which sounded great to me because I had never been.  From the outside, you would never guess that they serve fresh to order juices and smoothies, free-range meats and organics, vegetarian and vegan, macrobiotic, gluten free, and raw food items.  Get this…they serve breakfast all day and are open 24 hours! 

I felt like I was in Jamaica, Mon!  I love Atlanta!!!

r thomas 1

To the right, there were a lot of birds including parrots!  Sorry, the picture did not come out very well.

r thomas 2

It was very colorful inside!

For lunch, Jessica ordered the mini fajitas made with tempeh.  I was pretty hungry after my workout, so I ordered the “Magic Quesadilla” which was made with a spinach tortilla, marinated portabella mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and no cheese please!  It was fresh and tasty, and I would definitely order it again. 

Sorry about the lighting.  The “ceiling” is like a tent, and the panels are different colors which makes the lighting sort of florescent when the natural light shines through.


I love sunflower sprouts!  R. Thomas actually grows them in his garden.

R. Thomas’ philosophy about food really hit home with me, so I thought I would share it with you.


Food for Life

“You are what you eat.” I remember this expression from early childhood, but never gave much thought as to what that really meant until recently.

After a long career in the food business, I had begun to notice a change. The food did not feel the same; neither did I feel quite the same. In my search for improved physical health, I found a parallel between what we have done to the outer environment, and what is happening to our health.

Two passions (other than food) that I enjoy are gardening and birds. It was through these two that I found a connection to the food. As a gardener, I pumped man-made chemicals into my garden that were recommended for maximum growth and minimum pests. I could never really eliminate the pests, and I also began to notice reactions to the chemicals from my birds who inhabit the garden. I eliminated all of the synthetic chemicals, and began using all-natural fertilizers and feeds. Not only did I notice an improvement in the health of the birds, and vitality of the garden, but I lost the pests altogether. Could there be a connection? As I explored organics for my garden, I became more educated about organic foods and holistic health. I came to realize the miracle that the human body is deeply connected to the planet itself and the food supply that springs from it.

In a relatively short span of time, modern man has changed that environment, and Mother nature is responding in kind with a food supply that is becoming less safe, and with health conditions that we are just coming to understand. Our inner body ecology is a delicate balance of living organ- isms that, like the outer environment, is reacting to the changes we give it.

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine.”

We decided to expand our horizons and offer a broad variety. “We treat carnivores and vegetarians with equal respect” says R, but it is more than just that. High quality ingredients: cold pressed organic oils for cooking and dressings, fresh produce, homegrown herbs from our garden, organic grains, ocean vegetables, free range chicken, natural range beef & organic salmon, powerful super foods like kefir and raw cultured vegetables are the corner stones of a menu that honors everyones food choices.

As a businessman, I realize that many folks still think of food, and eating out in particular, as a form of entertainment, not as medicine. As a restaurateur, I hope to provide a broad range of alternatives from which to choose. The decisions are up to you. Remember, you are what you eat!

– R. Thomas

I am so happy to have met Jessica and tried this amazing restaurant.  We talked for two hours about all things yoga, health, wellness, and nutrition.  Our hobbies and interests are very similar which was so refreshing.  I feel very lucky to have met so many wonderful people in Atlanta.  You just have to put yourself out there which is something I learned in Kansas City.

I have two more favorite food finds to share with you including blood oranges (reminds me of my time in Rome) and Organic So Delicious Minis Fudge Bars.  I was looking for the ice cream bar that Dr. Oz was talking about a few days ago called Arctic Zero which is essentially a frozen protein shake that satisfies your ice cream craving which I can get pretty regularly, but the Publix I went to does not carry them.  I was very happy with my alternative.  It was a great way to satisfy my ice cream craving after dinner last night and for only 70 calories!


Tyler surprised me with the oranges!


So delicious!

Have a wonderful day!  My training with Wellcoaches starts tomorrow.  Let’s get this started!

What is your favorite restaurant that serves food made with only high quality ingredients?

Do you believe that you are are what you eat?


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  1. i have been wanting to try arctic zero as i have heard a lot about it – every time i see it i am hesitant to get it because the advertising looks “too good to be true” – last time i was in the frozen treats isle i ended up with raspberry gelato instead (because it’s amazing and because it only had a few ingredients)…I would love your professional opinion on AZ. also, i wanted to share that i made kale chips for the first time a couple weeks ago – have you ever tried it?? SO easy and way addictive. i am going to try the chocolate milk trick tonight after my workout with kate. love you and good luck on the training tomorrow:) xo

    • I just bought a pint of the Arctic Zero…Mint Chocolate Cookie. I can’t wait to try it. The nutrition facts do look too goof to be true, so we will see how it does in satisfying my sweet tooth. Funny you bring up kale chips because I was planning on making them today with my lunch! Love them! Have a great day!

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