New to me


The popularity of shows like Bravo’s Fashion Hunters reinforce that gently used can still be quite fabulous. At the moment, I am trying to keep my spending on “non-essentials” (read: anything from here or here or here)  at a minimum. Danny and I are really hoping to dedicate this new second income to some serious savings. However, I do enjoy mixing things up with new accessories, especially since my wardrobe staples (when I’m not in scrubs) are my Paige jeans and a white top.


Good thing I have developed the perfect partnership with my mom and sisters that enables me get  new looks without the new price tag. The new to me purse swap was born in October after a conversation with another family of 3 sisters and their mom, all in different cities, all vying for each others newest acquisitions (tops, bracelets and purses).

Although we can’t pull of the sisterhood of the traveling pants (or tops)…since we are all different builds… purses and accessories are fair game. Sharing is caring my friends, especially when you score these…

IMAG0551 JPK Paris Tote in Gunmetal Gray



Michael Kors tan leather tote

The rules are simple. Give one take one (or two in my case) and try to keep them in good shape. My mom has graciously volunteered to add a new bag into the mix every few months to keep it interesting, thanks Mom!

It’s a fun little tradition that I hope we keep up! New to me, works for me!

Happy Thursday.


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  1. I’m sure it took a lot of arm twisting to get mom to agree to new purses hahaha. Count me in, I’m still on my JPK, but I wouldn’t mind some jewelry swaps! I think you know what necklace I’m targeting first, mwahaha.

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