I have a confession.  I am obsessed with learning about and eating as many superfoods as I can in one day.  I can’t seem to get on the green tea bandwagon though Sad smile.  Anyway, anytime I read or hear about something new which happens often, I go to Whole Foods to see what it is all about and how much it costs.  Honestly, the health benefits usually outweigh the cost for me. Who doesn’t want to boost their energy, erase signs of aging, and reduce the risk of some cancers?  Count me in!

After watching The Biggest Loser on Tuesday, I went to their resident nutritionist, Rachel Bellar’s, website because I liked her segment on Shopping Cart Solutions.  I learned about a new to me seed called salba which is similar to both flaxseed and chia.  It has been around for years.  I went to Whole Foods in search of this mysterious seed, and the person helping me said that someone else had just come in asking for the same thing.  She asked if Dr. Oz had just had a show on seeds or something.  Funny!  As it turns out, they have it in pill form, but the salesperson told me that she was going to put in a request to buy the seeds for the store.  Yippee!

Keri Glassman is a nutritionist and was on the TODAY show yesterday.  She talked about 8 new ‘superfoods’ for 2012 that are packed with nutrition and you can find in regular grocery stores.  You can watch her video here.

Here is Glassman’s list of superfoods for 2012.  Try ‘em!  You just might like ‘em!

1.  Jicama

2.  Kefir

3.  Chia

4.  Broccoli sprouts—> so good!


5.  Black garlic

6.  Sea vegetables—> I just started using Dulse, and I love it.  You can hardly taste it!


7.  Barley

8.  Nutritional yeast

The only item on her list that I have not tried is black garlic, but I am definitely putting it on my shopping list!  Interestingly enough, I was reading a blog post by Chelsea at Clean Eating Chelsea where she talked about sprinkling nutritional yeast onto her salad.  I asked her about the benefits of using nutritional yeast, and she sent me to a great article…http://www.justgoodenergy.com/2010/06/14/the-health-benefits-of-nutritional-yeast/.  I guess that it is one of the only non-animal sources of vitamin B12 which we all need for our nervous system to work properly.  Recently, I have heard of people putting it on their popcorn because it tastes like parmesan cheese.  It looks I need to add black garlic and nutritional yeast to my grocery list! 

Beyond my superfoods obsession, I am also loving Arctic Zero ice cream as a treat after dinner.  Surprisingly, I only want a little at a time unlike regular ice cream.  I recommend putting it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before scooping it into your bowl because it makes it more creamy and less watery.  I tried the Mint Chocolate Cookie flavor, and it is pretty darn good.  There are no cookies, but the flavor is there. 

arctic zero


Colleen did not make it to Atlanta last night due to weather in Chicago, so I am going to pick her up this morning.  Chicago blizzards are serious business.  I do not know what today will bring, but I am sure we will keep busy.  We are all (husbands included) going to Buckhead Diner tonight which I am excited to try!  I will probably not be eating many superfoods this weekends, but that is okay.  I can get back on track next week.  You have to live a little! 

By the way, my first training session with Wellcoaches was AMESOME!  I feel like a sponge right now.  The people in my cohort are already doing some pretty amazing things in the field of health and wellness.  The common thread is that we all have a compassion for helping others be their best self. 

Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you try some of the superfoods!

What is your favorite superfood?

Do you work in the field of health and wellness?


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  1. yay! an arctic zero review. i am going to buy some this weekend. i have never tried black garlic either, but i LOVE jicama and “nooch” 🙂 excited to hear about your well coaches experience. have a fun weekend!

  2. I just bought a pint of the mint chocolate, coffee and vanilla maple Arctic Zero. I love them and so love not feeling guilty eating a lot of it. Amazed that there are no junk ingredients and it’s packed with protein.

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