My Tastefully Simple Shortcut


I was first introduced to the Tastefully Simple product line over my holiday vacation and was an instant sell. My mom and sister purchased several items at a holiday craft fair and brought them along to Florida to share with our family. Luckily, there were plenty of occasions to whip up these deliciously simple treats.

The products are all ridiculously simple to prepare, typically calling for only one or two additional, fresh ingredients to the prepared mix. 

Last night, I baked up a loaf of the Bountiful Beer Bread to compliment my homemade lentil soup. My sister had included the mix as part of my secret santa gift.

While I usually like to bake my own bread from scratch, I just did not have the time, energy or patience to make bread after work. The bread was as easy as…






IMAG0558-1 (1)

It smells divine and tastes just as good!

Surprisingly, the nutritionals were also a nice treat. Each slice is 0g fat and there are even 3 grams of protein (yes, not mind-blowing, especially with the lack of fiber…but I’ll take it!)

It’s all downhill to the weekend! Have a great day.


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