Say Cheese…


I’ve always loved playing with cameras and capturing the moment with photographs. I’ve come quite a ways from my first Polaroid circa the early 90s and these days, I’ve been playing around with this which we received as a wedding gift.

Danny and I took the new camera to Belize and had lots of fun playing around with the settings. It’s hard not to take great pictures when you have this…


for  inspiration.

Since the trip, the camera has been taken out on occasion but for blog purposes and other quick photo opps, I’ve been relying on my handy and very compact digital and cell phone cameras.

Well friends, not any longer…

I have decided to make the next month, Photo February and will dedicate the next 29 days to getting to know the new camera and working on my skills. I’ve been very inspired by the beautiful photo journalism that I have seen on some of my favorite blogs and by my friend Kathleen who is a self taught SLR wiz (and wonderful photographer)!

Luckily, Kathleen dropped some very helpful hints to my secret santa this year and I am the proud owner of this handy guide… thanks Katie!


With Danny back on the road for work and my job in full swing, I am eager to divert my focus from Orthopedics at the end of  a long day.

My motivation for the month…


I will be using this list as a guide as I begin this new learning adventure and promise to post many of these photos to the blog.

I can’t pretend that they will all happen on the right day or that they will all be taken with our new camera (I carry my daily essentials in the 2 pockets of my scrubs) but I hope this lovely list will be a fun start.

Say Cheese!

what is your inspiration?

when do you feel most creative?



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