Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol…Oh No!


Good Morning!

First of all, I am so excited that it is the weekend because I am graduating from my yoga teacher training tomorrow!  I cannot believe that it is over.  I feel lucky to have found Peachtree Yoga.  Maybe it found me. 

Second of all, I love Whole Foods, and I love learning about nutrition!  I could spend hours in there, but it usually gets me in trouble because I end up spending way too much money.  Food and yoga clothes are about the only things I spend money on these days.

On Thursday night, Dr. Joe Esposito gave a talk on The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition.  Boy of boy, did I learn a lot!   If you have never listened to Dr. Joe on the radio, you can check him out here.  He is full of energy and very passionate about wellness and peak performance.

Upon arrival, I was not sure what to expect because there were only a few people waiting for Dr. Joe (it was raining cats and dogs).  Once the clock struck 6:30pm, the place was packed.  People were standing in the back.  Dr. Joe really projects his voice, so I have a feeling that many of the people who came to the talk were just shopping and curious about what this man had to say about nutrition.  He made some confident statements about food and what it does to our body even in small amounts.  I agreed with a lot of what he said in his talk, but, let’s be honest, it would be hard for me to give up my ice cream, decaf coffee, and occasional glass of red wine.  

Without further ado, The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition  (according to Dr. Joe) are alcohol, meat, dairy, sugar, coffee, soda, and artificial sweeteners.  He said that if there is anything that we should take away from his lecture, it is to STOP using or eating things with artificial sweeteners.  He brought up sweeteners used to make gum, so I checked the pack that was in my purse.  Sure enough, it had aspartame in it.

Here is the handout that we received…

dr. joe

Here are my notes on the back…

7 deadly sins of nutrition

Let’s just say that I could not write fast enough.  He was full of information!

Bottom line, his talk made me think about some of the “poisons” that I willingly put in my body.  The biggest takeaway I had was that things like coffee, sugar, alcohol are acidic and therefore rob our bones of the calcium they need to stay strong.  As a woman, this is something I worry about because we are more prone to osteoporosis.   I had heard about coffee, but I did not even think about the other things.  I also learned that decaffeinated coffee can be made using one of several methods including direct process decaffeinating which is when solvents such as formaldehyde are used to absorb the caffeine from the coffee in order to remove it.  Hmmm…I think it is time to buy organic coffee!

If you have not guessed it already, Dr. Joe is vegan and has been for some time now.  He is a strong advocate of drinking “super greens” every day.  He has developed his own product which you can check out here.

I have not totally bought into the taste of “super greens” yet, so I decided to buy a small packet of ChocolateGREENSuperfood.

green superfood

I can’t wait to mix this with a banana and some almond milk Smile.

Take or leave some or all of the information that I shared with you.  Again, I am not a doctor or RD.  I just love health and wellness and wanted to share some of my new knowledge with you!

He did give a few suggestions as alternatives to yogurt including yogurt made with almond milk.  I am very excited to try this since I love almond milk!


Do something new and healthy for your heart this weekend because February is American Heart Month!   Have a great one!

Have you cut out any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition (according to Dr. Joe)? 


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  1. That is so true! I love super greens and never thought of putting in my almond milk!!! I need to watch it….i’m obsessed with sugar free gum..(as you know). I might need to cut down. Thanks for the post Stephanie!!!

  2. Love this post! it does make me more conscious of what i’m putting in my body. I’m not ready to cut out all of that yet, but i’m already down to pretty minimal consumption. A girl has to have a little leeway 😉

    • I am glad you liked the post! I am much more conscious of what I put in my body now. Leeway is key to staying on track if you ask me! Have a great weekend!

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