It is official!  Winter is here.  Baby it’s cold outside!  I hope this does not stay around for very long.

After a great strength workout this morning at our gym downstairs, I bundled up to teach a Level 2 class at Yoga Samadhi.  The normal instructor needed a sub, so I jumped on the opportunity to help her out.  It is such a beautiful studio, and I feel so lucky to teach there.  I teach a Level 2 class on Thursday nights now, and I love every minute of it. 

It is fitting that my letter from Yoga Alliance came today because I was on a “yoga high” after this morning.  I am officially a Registered Yoga Teacher!  The picture that you see below is actually a sticker that I could put on my car, but I think I will save it for something else.



Tonight’s Valentine’s celebration will include dinner, Moneyball, and ice cream Smile.   The cold weather is making us rethink our original idea of going to UrbanPl8.  We might save it for when my sister comes to visit next weekend from Chicago.  Yippee!

Stay warm and have a great night!



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