Sea of Green



One thing I miss about Chicago is seeing this on St. Patrick’s Day…


Sweet Home Chicago!

To get this day started right, I headed down to Atlanta Activewear in Virginia Highlands for a free yoga class.  I am all about supporting local shops and fellow yoga instructors.  I worked out hard this week, so it felt good to move with my breath and let go. 


Once I hit the Highlands, I saw a sea of green (sorry no picture…I was driving)!  Apparently, there was a 5K this morning, and they had just finished as I was driving through.  It made me smile Smile.  People are always so happy on St. Patrick’s Day.  I am sure that many people have already started drinking.  We will probably enjoy one or two tonight at Cakes & Ale in Decatur.  Cakes & Ale is new to us, so I will let you know what we think after tonight.  I heard about it from my hairdresser on Thursday.  On a side note, my hair is so happy after being cut.  The best part is that I get to have straight hair for a few days…such a treat!

We are about to go to Roswell to have lunch with Tyler’s aunt.  We haven’t seen her since Christmas, so we are looking forward to catching up with her today. 

I will leave you with a simple scene that made me feel grateful for today…


Be grateful for today!  Be safe and have fun!


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