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My Tastefully Simple Shortcut


I was first introduced to the Tastefully Simple product line over my holiday vacation and was an instant sell. My mom and sister purchased several items at a holiday craft fair and brought them along to Florida to share with our family. Luckily, there were plenty of occasions to whip up these deliciously simple treats.

The products are all ridiculously simple to prepare, typically calling for only one or two additional, fresh ingredients to the prepared mix. 

Last night, I baked up a loaf of the Bountiful Beer Bread to compliment my homemade lentil soup. My sister had included the mix as part of my secret santa gift.

While I usually like to bake my own bread from scratch, I just did not have the time, energy or patience to make bread after work. The bread was as easy as…






IMAG0558-1 (1)

It smells divine and tastes just as good!

Surprisingly, the nutritionals were also a nice treat. Each slice is 0g fat and there are even 3 grams of protein (yes, not mind-blowing, especially with the lack of fiber…but I’ll take it!)

It’s all downhill to the weekend! Have a great day.


E.A.T in the A.T.L


If you have been reading this blog for a little while, you may have picked up on a little theme…

making & baking new dishes and eyeing & trying new restaurants have become  full fledged passions (as evidenced by my growing pinterest boards).

I am more than obliged to do the field research and I love when I get to bring visitors along for the ride. Especially when you pick up a few of these on a Saturday afternoon, you know, the usual…


This weekend, Stephanie and I had the pleasure of welcoming our friend Colleen, visiting from Chicago, and showing her around our new city. The weekend included a few different restaurants and some very southern dishes.

Weekend recap:

  • The Buckhead Diner Standouts at our table included the Warm Maytag Bleu Cheese Potato Chips (coming from someone who does not like bleu cheese) and the “Famous” Veal and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf.

  • Alon’s Bakery New to both Colleen and Stephanie. I ordered my go-to Tuscany (add cucumbers) on wheat, yum.


  • SweetWater Brewery We were able to sip on a few of there most popular brews and enjoy some January sunshine (yes, that is right…January sunshine). For 10$ you walk away with a new pint glass and a great afternoon with friends.
  • Flying Biscuit No weekend is complete without a Sunday brunch and I’ve come to learn that Sunday brunch just isn’t complete without a flying biscuit (and a bowl of creamy dreamy grits).


And if you thought that all of that delicious food wasn’t indulgent enough…

sarah and colleen

We spent Sunday afternoon in at a foot massage parlor and enjoyed a blissful hour of foot, leg, head and neck massage & reflexology for a whopping $35. With that price tag (and the rewards card I received) I think I’ll make a few excuses to head back.


Have a great start to the week!

New to me


The popularity of shows like Bravo’s Fashion Hunters reinforce that gently used can still be quite fabulous. At the moment, I am trying to keep my spending on “non-essentials” (read: anything from here or here or here)  at a minimum. Danny and I are really hoping to dedicate this new second income to some serious savings. However, I do enjoy mixing things up with new accessories, especially since my wardrobe staples (when I’m not in scrubs) are my Paige jeans and a white top.


Good thing I have developed the perfect partnership with my mom and sisters that enables me get  new looks without the new price tag. The new to me purse swap was born in October after a conversation with another family of 3 sisters and their mom, all in different cities, all vying for each others newest acquisitions (tops, bracelets and purses).

Although we can’t pull of the sisterhood of the traveling pants (or tops)…since we are all different builds… purses and accessories are fair game. Sharing is caring my friends, especially when you score these…

IMAG0551 JPK Paris Tote in Gunmetal Gray



Michael Kors tan leather tote

The rules are simple. Give one take one (or two in my case) and try to keep them in good shape. My mom has graciously volunteered to add a new bag into the mix every few months to keep it interesting, thanks Mom!

It’s a fun little tradition that I hope we keep up! New to me, works for me!

Happy Thursday.