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Restaurant Review: Cakes and Ale


It’s Saturday night!

For the last three weeks, we have tried to make dinner reservations at a new to us restaurant called Cakes and Ale in Decatur which is only about 10 minutes from our apartment.  We finally got a reservation for tonight, but it needed to be early enough so that we would be back home in time for the KU game tonight.  KU is Tyler’s and my mom and dad’s alma mater.  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! 


It is 8:30 which means we made it home with time to spare before the game starts at 9:00.  This also means that I have enough time to tell you about our date night at Cakes and Ale.  Decatur is a happening place!


The weather is perfect right now!  I love seeing people out and about enjoying life.

Cakes and Ale is a restaurant and a bakery.  The restaurant is located on the corner of a very busy square in Decatur, so they get a lot of traffic. 


For dinner, I ordered the polenta cake with roasted root vegetables, kale salad, and a wood fired egg.  Right up my ally!  The flavors were to die for!!!  I little bit of everything made for the perfect bite.  The only thing that I did not like about my entrée was that the polenta cake was fried.  Bummer…oh well!  Their entrees are small, so we savored every bite.  I guess it is typical for people to order a few things for the table. 


Check out that perfect egg!

Tyler ordered the halibut with farro and seasoned veggies.  He really enjoyed the textures and flavors of the dish.  Oh, we did share a carafe of wine from Italy.  Our waiter suggested it as a smooth wine, and we really liked it.  We both agree that wine tastes better at a restaurant.  What do you think?


After dinner, we both ordered a cup of coffee.  We didn’t order dessert (we rarely do) because we knew that we were going to head down the road to get a blizzard from Dairy Queen!  Yippee!  We used to go to DQ once a week when we lived in Kansas City, but we do not live by one in Atlanta which is a good and bad thing.  Anyway, our blizzards are in the freezer, and we will eat or devour them once the game starts.  Oh boy!


Can you see the steam?

We did walk through the bakery after dinner.  Just like the restaurant, the décor is really neat.


One more thing…check out our new hot and cold bag from Whole Foods


It’s tip off time!  Hold on to your hats KU fans.  Good luck!

Have a great night and rest of your weekend!

would you rather have a small plate of something wonderful or full plate of something that is just okay?

who do you think will win the big dance?


pizza and other favorite things


Tyler and I had the best date last night in historic Inman Park at Fritti.  We wanted to try a new restaurant and were in the mood for some authentic pizza.  Fritti is known for its authentic Neopolitan Pizza served Italian style whole, not sliced.  I grew up on Giordano’s famous deep dish stuffed pizza.  I could eat two pieces which is crazy to me now! 

Inman Park is a really neat area and only 10 minutes from our apartment.  When we arrived, the restaurant was packed.  We did not have reservations because we didn’t make the decision to go to Fritti until 5:30, and we were busy watching KU win!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk!  Back to the restaurant…we ended up sitting at the bar where we enjoyed a great Tuscan wine from Banfi.   It brought us both back to Italy…*sigh*.   Luckily, we only had to wait 30 minutes. 


We had looked at the menu at the bar, so we immediately ordered Bruschetta as an appetizer.  The mozzarella was fresh, the tomatoes had been roasted, and the basil was flavorful.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


You will not be surprised as to which pizza we each ordered.  Tyler ordered the Stracchinella pizza made with tomato, mozzarella, Stracchino cheese, and Italian sausage.  He was one happy camper!


Take a guess at what I ordered…yep, you guessed it!  The Vegetariana pizza served with tomato, spinach, peppers, sun-dried tomato, mushrooms, squash, and zucchini.  Very similar to what I make at home only I like to add chicken.


After our positively perfect evening out, we cuddled up on the couch to watch one of our favorites, The Devil Wears Prada.  It just never gets old.

Other Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things of the moment.  Enjoy!


Need I say more?!


I have a spoonful or two every day! 


I crave one of these after every yoga class!  They are hard on the budget, so I only have a few a week.


The perfect shoe for Spring!

Enjoy the Oscars tonight!  We have seen some of the movies that are up for awards but not all of them.  We will wait until we can order them On Demand Smile.

what style of pizza do you enjoy the most?

are you going to or hosting an Oscars party tonight?

It’s Friday!


I don’t know about you, but this week has flown by for me! 

I have two meetings this morning followed by a personal training session with one of my clients.  This afternoon will be filled with laundry and cleaning the apartment.

This weekend, though, I have a lot to look forward to…



I am teaching on Saturday morning and hope to find time to take a class myself on Sunday.  We will see!

Urban Pl8


We thought we would celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days early!  Dinner should be pretty reasonable given that we have a gift certificate and a Scoutmob deal.  Yahoo!

R&R with Tyler


Obviously this picture is not us…ha ha ha.

Have a great weekend!

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day early?