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Sea of Green



One thing I miss about Chicago is seeing this on St. Patrick’s Day…


Sweet Home Chicago!

To get this day started right, I headed down to Atlanta Activewear in Virginia Highlands for a free yoga class.  I am all about supporting local shops and fellow yoga instructors.  I worked out hard this week, so it felt good to move with my breath and let go. 


Once I hit the Highlands, I saw a sea of green (sorry no picture…I was driving)!  Apparently, there was a 5K this morning, and they had just finished as I was driving through.  It made me smile Smile.  People are always so happy on St. Patrick’s Day.  I am sure that many people have already started drinking.  We will probably enjoy one or two tonight at Cakes & Ale in Decatur.  Cakes & Ale is new to us, so I will let you know what we think after tonight.  I heard about it from my hairdresser on Thursday.  On a side note, my hair is so happy after being cut.  The best part is that I get to have straight hair for a few days…such a treat!

We are about to go to Roswell to have lunch with Tyler’s aunt.  We haven’t seen her since Christmas, so we are looking forward to catching up with her today. 

I will leave you with a simple scene that made me feel grateful for today…


Be grateful for today!  Be safe and have fun!




It is official!  Winter is here.  Baby it’s cold outside!  I hope this does not stay around for very long.

After a great strength workout this morning at our gym downstairs, I bundled up to teach a Level 2 class at Yoga Samadhi.  The normal instructor needed a sub, so I jumped on the opportunity to help her out.  It is such a beautiful studio, and I feel so lucky to teach there.  I teach a Level 2 class on Thursday nights now, and I love every minute of it. 

It is fitting that my letter from Yoga Alliance came today because I was on a “yoga high” after this morning.  I am officially a Registered Yoga Teacher!  The picture that you see below is actually a sticker that I could put on my car, but I think I will save it for something else.



Tonight’s Valentine’s celebration will include dinner, Moneyball, and ice cream Smile.   The cold weather is making us rethink our original idea of going to UrbanPl8.  We might save it for when my sister comes to visit next weekend from Chicago.  Yippee!

Stay warm and have a great night!


Give Your Gift



Congrats to our New York Giants fans!  It was a good game.  Honestly, I was indifferent about who I wanted to win.  I like halftime and the last five minutes. 


On Saturday, I graduated from yoga teacher training!  It was a very emotional day, but it was wonderful.  Since I have my certificate in hand, I was finally able to register with Yoga Alliance.  I have to keep up with continuing my education and renew my certificate every three years.  I am going to have to stay on top of renewing all of my new certificates.  It won’t be a problem though because I love this stuff!

Tyler took the pictures (they are a little blurry) below with his iPhone during graduation, so I thought I would share them with you!


Rachel is reading a letter that someone else in the group wrote to me on behalf of the whole group. 


Before I lit my candle, I read this…I light this light symbolic of giving my gift.  May we know that the time we take for ourselves benefits all those we share this life withIt was crazy that I picked this card because I had just thanked Graham earlier in the day for helping me to realize my gift.  Tyler thought this quote was very fitting for me.


A new beginning…

I am ready to give my gift thanks to all of my friends, mentors, and Graham Fowler (founder of Peachtree Yoga).  I feel honored to have studied under him and to have been a part of this group.


By the way, dancer is my favorite pose!


First of all, Tyler took me out for a nice sushi dinner to celebrate on Saturday night, and then I came home and crashed.  I slept for ten hours on Saturday night which tells you about the intensity of graduation day.  After breakfast, Tyler and I went to Starbucks and then went for an extra long walk at Piedmont because it was GORGEOUS!  The sun was shining bright and people were out and about.  It felt like Spring!  In fact, take a look at the new beginnings happening right outside our apartment…


After running a ton of errands, I put together a platter of veggies for the Super Bowl party at Sarah and Danny’s.  We actually ended up not going to the party because Tyler was not feeling great, but I still brought the tray over.  She was sweet enough to give us two of the super sweets that she made for the party.  Peanut butter and chocolate go together oh so well!

On a side note, I have noticed a lot of bloggers and nutrition experts writing about healthy alternatives to traditional Super Bowl eats and treats.  I don’t think you can much healthier than a tray full of veggies!


Today is a busy day!  After breakfast, I am headed to Marietta for a free consultation with Dr. Joe because I attended his lecture at Whole Foods last week.  You can read about it here.   In my head I am saying, “I will not make another appointment.  I will not make another appointment.”  I am excited to see what he is like one-on-one.  After my appointment, I am training another client and then going home to read the next chapter for my wellness coach training before teaching yoga at 6:30pm.  Lots to do!

Have a great one!

Are you giving your gift?  What is it?