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You say taqueria…I say TaKorea


So let’s call the whole things off!

Last week, Bree and I kicked off our Scout Mob adventures for 2012. It was a highly anticipated reunion since we hadn’t see each other since early December. Needless to say that with Bree’s recent trip to Africa and my new job there was plenty to chat about. We had such a blast last week (and had such scoutmob success) that we promptly made a follow up date for last night.

Since Danny is back on the road again for work, and I am cooking for one, having these nights to look forward to is a treat!


Over the weekend, I blogged about some winning combinations. My new love of SPOGA (spin + yoga) class on Saturday morning, takes top honors but after two consecutive weeks of fusion meals with Bree, the Asian + Mexican food combo is making rank. Welcome to TaKoreawhere East meats Mex


(photos from the TaKorea webpage)

Bree and I were both pretty ravenous hungry when we sat down and promptly ordered a batch of these…


pork ginger and scallions dumplings

We were a bit taken back when our entrees arrived no fewer than five minutes later. Not even enough time to finish our dumplings.


We each chose two “takos” and paired them with a side of Kimchi 3 (pickled and spicy cabbage, jicima & pear, and cucumber). The Kimchi 3 was a great and spicy topper to the takos.

As per usual, we ordered a dessert to share…


red bean brownie with strawberry sauce and green tea ice cream

We both agree that the dumplings and green tea ice cream were the standout items on our table. The calamari tako was a bit bland and the presentation was a little sloppy (sorry for the sub par pics). TaKorea was on the more Asian end of the spectrum and the flavors were very strong.

All and all it was a nice night out together and when all is said and done…you can’t beat this


until our next Scoutmob adventure that is!