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Friday Night Lights


Good Morning Friends. I’ve just woken up from a long winters nap (that is what a few glasses of red wine will do to me) and was super hungry. We are leaving for the holidays early next week and our pantry and refrigerator are bare bones so My options were pretty limited. Thus…IMAG0511

Yep, that is right. Good, old fashion chocolate (skim)milk…with a straw of course! I thought it was the more nutritious option given that these were behind door number two.


These are a sneak peak of the Italian Ricotta cookies that I made in my baking frenzy on Thursday. Recipe to come soon, promise!


Danny and I kept Friday date night local and visited the Garden Lights Holiday Nights exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The gardens are a 10 minute walk through Piedmont from our apartment. We love that midtown offers so much in walking distance which reminds us a lot of Boston. What doesn’t remind us of Boston are the 70 degree temps in mid-December, but I’ll take it!


The garden was truly transformed and the holiday music playing throughout made it a very festive outing.


Our favorite exhibit was the tropical greenhouse which was dripped in thousands of green laser “beads”. Everything was glowing. Conjured up images of the movie Avatar (before I fell asleep that is).



Another plus… there were several snack and beverage stations set up through the venue offering festive drinks for both kids and adults. We chose to sip on some red wine as we walked through the displays.


We stumbled upon this outdoor chefs kitchen in the edible garden exhibit. Garden members are invited to parties and tastings here throughout the year. This is Danny showing his excitement for the cocktails benefits of membership.

Overall, this was a great night out and hopefully a part of our new family traditions in Atlanta.

We have a busy afternoon ahead of us and I need to get a few more things prepped for our dinner party with Stephanie and Tyler this evening.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Do you like to visit neighborhoods or venues with lots of holiday lights?

Do you belong to your local garden or park organization? If so, what are your favorite perks of membership?