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Bath Time


My mat has taken a beating since I started teaching hot yoga.  My yoga teacher in Kansas City gave us a great tip on how to care for our mats.  She simply said to give it a bath!  

So that is just what I did this morning after SPOGA with Sarah. 

Exhibit A


My mat is thanking me right about now!  I let it soak for a half hour.  Check out those suds!

Tyler and I are off to get massages this afternoon thanks to my wonderful sister, Chandra.  You can’t go wrong with giving a massage as a Christmas present.  We can’t wait to relax and recharge.

I am going to leave you with a quote to ponder.  “When we focus on the problems, we get more problems.  When we focus on the possibilities, we get more possibilities.”  This quote was embedded in this week’s lesson on appreciative inquiry for my wellness coach training, and it resonated with me. 

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

How do you care for your yoga mat?


Perfect Pairings


Our weekend (so far) has been full of some winning combinations…

dinner : pizza date at our neighborhood Mellow Mushroom                        



a movie : the Descendants with George Clooney. Our first trip to the Midtown Arts theatre which boasts a full bar at the concession stand.




pizza: 14inch red pizza with pesto chicken, spinach, artichokes and mushrooms.



beer: SweetWater Georgia Brown for him; SweetWater Blue for her







SPOGA:  a combination class I discovered through the Piedmont Park Conservancy. It was an hourlong sweat session that totally kicked my butt and made it so much more worthwhile to spend the rest of our day like this…

rainy day:



slippers and PJ pants: need I say more



enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What is your perfect pairing?